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October 14

The MCL Group Was Founded

On 14th October 1999 The MCL Group (Int) Ltd was founded by Richard O’Donnell in The Netherlands with capital of just £5000. Establishing a gap in the market, MCL Resourcing began supplying highly skilled professionals in the region.From day one, the company’s core values and mission has been to ‘keep things simple and deliver’ focusing on working in partnership with clients to deliver bespoke, high quality services as well as a focus on looking after the company’s staff.
April 14

Growth of The MCL Group

Within the first six months the company had grown from 2 to 25 employees.
January 1

MCL Resourcing

In 2001, MCL Resourcing diversified to include the provision of healthcare professionals in the UK. A strong family background in the healthcare industry gave a firm footing in this environment. Whilst the business in The Netherlands continued to thrive, Richard returned to the UK where MCL Resourcing continued to expand its UK client base of leading healthcare providers as well as its dedicated workforce of Registered General Nurses (RGNs) and healthcare professionals.
January 1

The MCL Group’s Head Office

In 2002 the Group’s head office on Eastbank Street, Southport was purchased.
February 2

The MCL Group’s Focus on quality

The Group’s focus on quality is cemented by our certified quality standards. ISO 9001 was achieved at the inception of the business and other standards followed as the business expanded.
April 10

FTS Divisions

Following the death of Richard’s father, Martin O’Donnell, on 10th April 2002, his father’s business FTS was integrated into The MCL Group’s portfolio. Established in 1986, the FTS divisions include a successful soft facilities management, logistics and removals company specialising in the provision of contracted business services to commercial clients in the public and private sector.
March 1

MCL Medics

Established in 2005, MCL Medics delivers onshore and offshore medical staffing and occupational health services. Specialising in the provision of offshore medics, topside medical support and a full suite of occupational health services, MCL Medics works in partnership with global clients in the energy sector as well as providing bespoke occupational health services to nationwide clients operating in a wide range of industries.
August 21

Continued growth of The MCL Group

By 2011 the Group employed more than 270 people UK wide.
December 1

Martin House

In December 2016 the Group purchased and renovated its new head office premises on Cambridge Road in Southport. MCL Resourcing remains at the original town centre office.
June 11

MCL Resourcing team expands

The MCL Resourcing team continues to expand with 4 new recruits joining the recruitment team based at Eastbank Street, Southport over the past 6 months.


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