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With over 180 employees nationwide, our people are our biggest asset. We have a diverse workforce that includes a wide range people with skills and expertise in a variety of specialisms. As such, we have created a culture of inclusion, ensuring our people feel confident and happy in their work. We are dedicated to training, developing and rewarding our people to ensure they have the skills they need to maintain our high quality standards and continuously exceed clients’ expectations whilst being empowered in their work.

We believe in rewarding people appropriately. Across the Group all staff attend regular appraisals to monitor progress, review achievements and develop job roles and responsibilities. In addition, we have an employee recognition scheme to celebrate individuals who demonstrate commitment to our core values. The health and safety of our people is our top priority. We have stringent health and safety processes and procedures in place across the Group in line with our BSI EN 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management certification. Health and safety messages are actively promoted to all our people in addition to a wide range of wellbeing campaigns to discuss health issues and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

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